Fuerteventura, Spain

Fuerteventura Princess

Princess Fuerteventura belongs to the Princess Hotels & Resorts hotel chain and is located in the south of the paradisiacal island of Fuerteventura. With a 4-star classification and 710 large and exceptionally comfortable rooms, it is presented as an ideal place for relaxation and enjoyment for adults or families. In which rooms in the exclusive Esencia area are included, which is part of the hotel’s VIP offer.

The relaxing atmosphere and direct contact with the sea is one of the best attractions that this hotel offers, always within the natural environment and characteristics of the Canary archipelago.

We designed an interior design project based on the complex’s surroundings, preserving the perception of relaxation and intimacy that it offers us. We want to connect the guest with the nature that surrounds them, and for this we find organic elements such as vegetation, combined with natural materials that invite the guest to immerse themselves in the essence of the island.

The chromatic range is based on the colors that surround the complex, showing different earth and ocher tones typical of volcanic terrain; and marine blues and greens typical of the forests and the sea that surround the island. All this is reinterpreted in the choice of materials used in the different rooms of the hotel such as the lobby and common areas.

In the rooms, the use of the neutral color of the earth together with the typical white of the architecture provides the necessary essence for the guest to feel part of the “Fortunate Islands.”