about us

We specialize in interior design for hotels, working on projects at different levels in countries all over the world. To do so, we have an expert team of interior designers and architects with a vast experience in hospitality.

A hotel is not just anyplace.

People who go there are looking for an experience, a place to be amazed with, but also provides the highest level of comfort—beautiful and astounding while remaining functional and cosy. One of the main challenges is to ensure all the areas speak the same language. We work thoroughly in all levels a hotel project requires to achieve this unity, from the intimacy of the rooms to the magnificence of the common areas.


Design is no good if it is not functional. The quality of the materials is always our starting point; its maintainability and durability are key aspects, but they also need to fit together seamlessly with the aesthetics proposed in every hotel.

What is essential to us is to keep the balance between aesthetics and practicality.

We not only conceive the design as our job, but as our true passion.

Our experience in this field is our greatest value, gained throughout the years thanks to all the projects we have developed for some of the best hotel chains in the world. Working side by side with the client is key, as well as the direct interaction and personally following-up each project, from start to finish.

We not only conceive the design as our job, but as our true passion. We are observers and strive to have our eyes wide open, always looking for any references or updates that can be applied to our projects.

Management team

Jorge Merino Millán


Jorge Merino Millán is founder and owner of Proffetional Finishing Design and Proffetional Group Ltd. based in Madrid (Spain), Warsaw (Poland), Casablanca (Morocco) Medellin (Colombia) and Miami (USA). The company is known for its excellence in architecture, project management, FF&E design, interior design, and hotel, residential and business building development, in which creative design is a milestone.

Jorge Merino Millán is not only CEO and partner of the company, but also responsible for its commercial exposure. He is also in charge of creating the concept, developing the project and coordinating the full process at a global level, using both internal and consultancy resources and focusing on full quality services.

Tania Peñate Sánchez

Vice-President Sales International Director


Graduate in Sociology from UCM, with a Master’s Degree in International Trade from UEM. Vice-President and Sales International Director with more than 10 years of experience. Strong leadership and management skills. Specialist knowledge in FF&EE sales and vendors. National and international hospitality project management.

Luis Yunta

Project Manager Interior Design Department

Graduate in Architecture from ETSAM. Starts his professional career running his own architecture studio, performing project execution and management and focusing mainly on the residential sector. He ventures into retail, coordinating tasks within the technical team for the National Expansion project of France Telecom España (Orange), managing the opening up of owned and franchised stores networks. Subsequently, he manages and coordinates a makeover project for Movistar sales points at a national level in QA Arquitectura.